From Script to ScreenThere are a number of TV and video production companies around New Zealand providing their clients with our unique, free presentation training DVD before they appear on camera for the first time. Here’s some feedback from a couple of those apprehensive “first-timers”.


“I want to say how impressed I was with the “From Script To Screen Autocue Guide” you sent to me before the… …interview. Being a first timer in front of a camera, the advice from the DVD was extremely useful and enabled me to understand simple tips and tricks that I would never have considered if I hadn’t seen the CD.”
Allan Dorne, IT Technical Services Manager, PSIS Ltd


“Having never used an autocue before, I thought I may have come across a little wooden and unnatural. At first I actually requested that we try recording without the autocue, but after I received the Prompt Service DVD I had a lot more confidence, as it pretty much ran through the whole scenario as it played out the next day, and gave me a few invaluable tips for making the most of the situation. With this confidence the whole experience went very smoothly, and with the words and phrases on screen being changed at the touch of a button if they didn’t sound right and the autocue following along at my own pace, I think the end result was much better than expected.”
John McGuinness, Communications Manager, Flight Centre


Thanks to both of these guys for allowing us to reprint their feedback.