Winter 2012. Wow, the RWC2011 seems a distant but exciting memory. Not surprisingly Prompt Service had it’s busy ever quarter at the end of last year, with 5 kits on the RWC for the last fortnight followed immediately by the IRB Rugby Awards and not long after by the Sky Rugby awards and the Westpac Halbergs. In fact conference and event prompting has double over the same time last year, a highlight being The Audience with Tony Blair.

Of course non-broadcast productions continue to be our bread and butter including our regular client of many years Les Mills International who have a seemingly continuous production schedule of trainer training videos. RealTV is another very busy client, as is Screentime Communications.

The RWC windfall enabled us to invest in major upgrade to our equipment offering. Not only do we now have 3 kits (1x kart system and 2x case kits) but the 2main systems have brand new Win7 laptops and both kits run the latest Autoscript WinPlus prompting software.

Finally, if you have an iPhone running the ProPrompter app our Prompter clip-on hood unit might be just what you need for an emergency prompting of a couple of lines- especially as the the app can now be controlled with the volume buttons on a standard iPhone headset, as well as remotely via Bluetooth from another idevice running ProPrompter!