“The teleprompter has been an invaluable tool for many of my MC-ing roles, allowing me to appear far more knowledgeable on a subject than I really am.

Not having to look down at notes means I can make a better connection with the audience and adapting the script on the fly makes even big changes a breeze. I’m especially a fan when it comes to names of people places and products, or chunks of technical information. Getting those right is essential in my opinion.

If I could carry one around with me all day I would.

Thanks Prompt Service!”

-Jeremy Corbett

“As a presenter, particularly at awards night, I’ve found that there’s a huge benefit in being able to connect with people when my eye line is to the audience, not looking down at a script on a lectern.

That’s the beauty of a teleprompter. It gives me the ability to address people directly, and personally, allowing them to connect and remain engaged. It also means I can monitor potentially unruly segments of the crowd and quell any hubbub before it starts, which can often be the bane of an event with a lot of people not winning and alcohol. Most of the time they don’t even know the teleprompter is there.

In my opinion it’s one of the essential tools for a great awards presentation. That and a good MC of course…”

-Te Radar