Winter 2014. Well WE certainly know there’s an election on :-). We’ve already worked on our first two Party Political Broadcasts of the year and I’m sure there’ll be more.

But on top of the usual film and video, broadcast and non-broadcast shoots this year we’ve noticed a big increase in the number of live events we’re working on. Conference, award ceremony and seminar gigs are up 50% on 2013- and double the gigs we helped with the year before that. It seems more clients- and their production companies- are realising the benefit of a heads-up presentation, not to mention keeping events to schedule by having pre-approved and timed scripts.

Also thoroughly enjoyed working with Pango Productions on the new variety show series “Happy Hour”, hosted by Tem Morrison, with Thane Kirby and Keisha Castle-Hughes- great fun and if the energy and passion of the recording comes across on air then this show will be a winner.