The Prompt Service edge or why engage a professional prompting service over using an iPad kit?
our systems are set up for and dedicated to prompting only, using the same software as major NZ broadcasters

we can accommodate any camera rig– from 35mm film to smartphone!- or your money back

our experienced operators save producers time and money and help presenters be their best.

The Prompt Service edge (over iPads

“…Cheers Mate, We were very pleased to have you there as those shoots live or die on the prompter!! Thanks for being so professional- though ( of course ) I was expecting no less!!”

Richard Hansen– Director- Whitebait TV

“The teleprompter has been an invaluable tool for many of my MC-ing roles, allowing me to appear far more knowledgeable on a subject than I really am. If I could carry one around with me all day I would.

Thanks Prompt Service!”

Jeremy Corbett, TV Presenter, Comedian and MC