About Us

PROMPT SERVICEthe first call for prompting services to OSB, Sky Television, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Encore, Spyglass, Orange Productions, Uno Loco, The Production Company, Production Associates, AV Events…and many more, for over 20 years.

Steve King - Owner of Prompt ServiceAt Prompt Service we know the power of that essential eye contact between speaker and audience, whether in a boardroom or on a stage. It creates a kind of magic which turns a mere address into effective and lasting communication.

The success of your production is as important to us as it is to you, so every teleprompter, presidential prompter, Interrotron and confidence monitor is delivered by a professional technician with all of the appropriate equipment.

Prompt Service’s systems and expertise enable inexperienced speakers to look good, and accomplished ones to look even better. Your speaker can concentrate on delivery and flair, confident that the words will always be in front of them and that memorising just isn’t an issue. We get the calls because of the service we offer.

Prompt Service is the first source for all teleprompting/autocue services in the Auckland region and around New Zealand.
We were the 1st in New Zealand to provide:
– battery-powered prompting systems
– ProPrompter clip-on display
– IP teleprompting system
– Telestepper on-stage robotic risers
– Remote over-internet prompting

We supply experienced operators along with the latest prompting systems for TV productions, corporate videos, conferences, public rallies and awards shows. Our rigs are set up for, and dedicated to prompting and nothing else.

We can feed presidential screens or 50″ Monitors, mobile phones or laptops- in fact we can feed any number of screens simultaneously. We can accommodate any camera rig- from iPhone to Red Epic- or your money back.

We also know what it takes to organize a successful presentation: meticulous planning and production, and above all assured delivery. Nothing can wreck an event more quickly (or dispel the magic) than poorly delivered presentations and undisciplined timing.

We don’t just provide people who know how to work equipment, we provide experienced crew members who help event directors and public speakers get the most from the technology, providing helpful insights that create great presentations in record time.

From initial contact right through to job completion were dedicated to making you, and your presenters, look good, and demonstrate how vital a good operator is to a production.

Steve King,
Managing Director