Is Cueing for you?

This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to Prompt Service, the #1 teleprompting service in New Zealand.

Prompt Service was started in 1998. And it’s still growing.

Regardless of your experience – or what you’re doing now – a Prompt Service licence could be exactly what you’re looking for: the chance to take control of your own destiny in your own business.

Whether you’re interested for yourself, or want to work with your wife, husband or partner, a Prompt Service licence can give you the personal and financial independence you crave, in one of the most interesting and exciting industries.

Meet new people and make them look good.

The overall philosophy governing all our actions is the commitment to a fair, win/win relationship with all our stakeholders – licencees, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients. Our success has come from a day to day commitment by all team to delighting our clients with the quality of our service, reliability of our equipment, and friendliness of our operators.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Prompt Service licencee and we welcome the opportunity to help guide you through the application process. Prompt Service has more than 5 years of business growth and satisfied clients to support its licencees. As a licencee you will:

* Be part of a successful, motivated Australasian team;

* Benefit from a team that understands the value of brand recognition, supreme service levels and extensive production experience, and;

* Have the opportunity to experience the impact of our regional and local marketing and advertising programs.

Becoming a licensee is a financial investment and a personal commitment that requires serious consideration. For our part, we are committed to offering you the full support of Prompt Service as you explore becoming a licensee. From submitting your application, to the review process, to the day that you step onto your first set as a Prompt Service operator – and every day thereafter – we’ll work closely with you to help build your business and achieve your goals.

Click here to request a Prompt Service License information kit containing:

* The Prompt Service License Package
* Potential Return on Investment Equation
* Equipment recommendation
* Advertising and Marketing Strategy




What qualifications does Prompt Service seek in its prospective licencees?

The following qualifications, among others, are essential in order to be considered as a Prompt Service franchisee:

* A strong desire to succeed by delighting clients

* The capability and capacity to create and manage a small business that effectively makes people look good

* The ability to manage finances

* Meet our financial and operational qualifications

* The strong desire to build incremental income through building an expanding client base.

What is the availability of territory in my area?

We’re currently developing markets in Victoria and NSW. The availability of territories in specific areas will be discussed during the personal meeting. However, we cannot predict which locations will be available when the recruitment process is completed.

May I obtain the funds for a licence from a relative, friend, or associate?

No. Candidates must personally meet the financial qualifications, either as an individual or partnership.


You talk a lot about the manual. What’s it for?

The Prompt Service manual contains a wealth of information used by franchisees as a guide to running a business. Even the most experienced professional find it handy to refer to the manual occasionally!

Can I do my own advertising?

Sure, You’ll be in the best position to know what works for your market but the recommendations in the Marketing manual are proven current options.

Can I employ someone?

Yes. But beware. It has been proven often that without the financial commitment to the business an employee can become more of a burden and a worry. Not employing people is one of the strengths of a small hands-on business.